Donald Trump: That’s where the mysterious hand stains come from

Red spots on Donald Trump’s hand recently caused speculation. Now there seems to be a simple explanation for this.

Red spots on the hand of former US President Donald Trump (77) have caused intense speculation in recent days. Now, according to a media report, there is a simple explanation for the mysterious stains: They come from blood that was on Trump’s hand after he cut himself on paper. At least that’s what anonymous sources who are said to come from the Trump camp told the celebrity portal “TMZ”. It is said that after Trump cut himself, he accidentally spread the blood on his hand.

The red spots became visible when Donald Trump was photographed leaving a New York courtroom. He raised his hand to wave to supporters waiting outside the courthouse. However, during appointments on the following days, the noticeable stains were no longer visible – which probably supports the theory that “TMZ” reports on.

Donald Trump wants to move back into the White House

The fact that there is so much speculation about Donald Trump’s health is mainly due to the fact that the businessman and politician wants to move back into the White House. In addition to the red hand stains, his internal party competitor, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley (52), has, according to US media reports, also just questioned Trump’s mental fitness. The reason: The 77-year-old is said to have confused Haley with her politician colleague Nancy Pelosi (83).

Donald Trump is considered by the Republicans to be the most promising candidate for the presidential race. This was despite the fact that several charges had been brought against him. It involves, among other things, election manipulation, a hush money payment and the embezzlement of secret documents. US President Joe Biden (81) wants to run again for the Democrats in the November election.