Donald Trump sells gold sneakers for hundreds of dollars

Donald Trump has had some crazy business ideas in his life. His followers will soon be able to wear his latest fan item on their feet: the ex-president will be selling golden sneakers with his likeness in the future. But they have their price.

First digital trading cards or expensive photo books – now sneakers: Former US President Donald Trump advertised gold-colored sneakers over the weekend. The ankle-high sneakers with a US flag and the letter T for Trump say “Never give up”. At the launch of the shoes in the metropolis of Philadelphia, Trump said: “I have some incredible people working with me and they came up with this.” He believes the whole thing will be a great success.

Limited to 1000 pairs: Donald Trump presents golden sneakers

According to the website, the shoes are not “designed, manufactured, distributed or sold” by Donald, his Trump Organization or any affiliated companies. However, the shoe company uses Trump’s name, image and likeness as part of a licensing agreement. According to the site, the gold-colored shoe is already sold out for the proud price of 399 US dollars (around 370 euros). “Only 1000 pairs will come onto the market. Each pair is numbered. A real collector’s item,” it says. In addition to these shoes, other Trump sneakers and Trump perfume are also sold on the website.

Trump regularly causes a stir by selling expensive fan merchandise. A year ago he presented a collection of trading cards for fans. For $99 a piece there were glorified digital drawings: Trump in a superhero costume (abs included), Trump on a white horse and US flag, Trump on a blue and red elephant. The Republican has also published illustrated books and a book of letters to him.

After the presidential election in November, the 77-year-old wants to move into the White House again for the Republicans. Just on Friday, he was ordered to pay more than $350 million in fines within 30 days.

The civil case was about the future of Trump’s corporate empire. Prosecutors accused Trump, his sons and employees of manipulating the value of the Trump Organization for years in order to obtain cheaper loans and insurance contracts. The judge had already confirmed this before the trial and now announced the sentence. Trump has announced an appeal.