Donald Trump receives less donations than Haley and Biden

Donald Trump has so far achieved two victories in the primaries for the US presidential election in November. But the ex-president is currently not that successful financially.

Politically, things are going well for Donald Trump at the moment: The former US President has won the first two primaries in the states of Iowa and New Hampshire and is therefore well in the running to be nominated as the Republican Party’s candidate for the presidential elections in November.

After Ron DeSantis withdrew, he was left with only one serious competitor, Nikki Haley. Trump leads all polls within the Republican Party, and the popularity ratings of his successor Joe Biden are in the basement. So the ground is prepared for Donald J. Trump to take over.

Donald Trump takes in very little

So much for the political consideration. Financially, things aren’t looking quite so rosy for the ex-president. Most recently, he received significantly less money from donors than his opponents. In the last three months of 2023, $19 million flowed into his campaign coffers. This emerges from a financial report filed with the US Election Commission.

For comparison: the campaign for the re-election of incumbent Joe Biden reported receiving $97 million in donations in the same period, including the money collected by the Democratic Party.

But even Nikki Haley, his previously unsuccessful competitor in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, received more money than Trump. According to her own statement, her campaign raised a total of $24 million in the last quarter.

That’s astonishing, given Trump’s media dominance and his excellent poll numbers. But the good political prospects are also offset by legal risks. There are several legal proceedings underway against the 77-year-old. So far, Trump has been able to capitalize on this and present himself as a politically persecuted person. But legal risks remain – and that could explain the reluctance of potential donors.