Donald Trump loses in the courtroom, but wins on the donations front

The money is pouring into Donald Trump's campaign coffers. The presidential candidate received the equivalent of 130 million euros in donations in May – almost half of which came in the 24 hours after his conviction.

The trial is over, the money is coming. In the first 24 hours after his conviction for cover-up and election fraud, Donald Trump received an impressive $53 million, around €48 million, in donations. And that's not all: Miriam Adelson, casino heiress and long-time supporter of the former US president, will also probably open her wallet in the next few days, according to US media reports.

Casino heiress donates $90 million to Trump?

The 79-year-old wants to transfer many millions of dollars to “Preserve America”. This so-called Political Action Committee (PAC), founded in 2020, is one of the organizations that collect and spend campaign funds for candidates, such as for TV spots or advertisements.

Miriam Adelson's declared goal is to fill the gap in US President Joe Biden's much more bulging campaign coffers, writes the US magazine “Politico”. She is said to be willing to donate around 90 million dollars.

“Election campaign of a white collar criminal”

“Trump's billionaire friends are supporting the campaign of a white-collar criminal because they know how the business works – they write him checks and he cuts their taxes while workers and the middle class foot the bill,” said Ammar Moussa, Joe Biden's campaign spokesman.

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The Trump campaign raised the equivalent of $130 million in the entire month of May. A quarter of the donors gave money to Trump's election campaign for the first time.

Donald Trump's 88 million campaign dollars

The current president's team has not yet released any figures on the May donations. In April, the total was around 50 million dollars. In total, Biden's campaign aides are said to currently have around 146 million dollars at their disposal, while Trump's have 88 million.

Just a few days ago, the Republican frontrunner became the first former US president to be convicted of a crime in New York.

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