Donald Trump: Guilty or innocent? What speaks for and against him

20 witnesses were heard, over 200 pieces of evidence presented: After the closing arguments, the jury deliberates. Did Donald Trump knowingly falsify business documents? That is the core of the case. And yet more is needed for a guilty verdict.

They are finally allowed to talk about the case. Starting Thursday, the seven men and five women who make up the jury in the so-called “hush money trial” will deliberate on their verdict. For six weeks, they had to listen, were not allowed to ask any questions themselves, and were not even allowed to talk to each other about the case. After the closing arguments, they will go to their jury room and discuss. Hours, days, or maybe weeks?

What is certain is that the end of the first criminal trial in the history of the United States against a former president of the country – “The People vs. Donald J. Trump” – is approaching. But there will only be a verdict if all twelve members of the jury agree. If not, the trial will collapse.