Donald Trump does not want to be announced as a candidate early

Donald Trump is unrivaled among the Republicans when it comes to choosing candidates. Some in the party therefore want to declare him the winner early. But the ex-president is resigning and wants to be nominated the “old-fashioned” way.

The proclamation as king still has to wait, at the request of the ruler himself: Donald Trump does not want to be named the Republican presidential candidate until the internal party primary election has been completed. In doing so, he rejected an idea from his ally David Bossie, who wanted to declare the ex-US President the winner of the primary election at an early stage.

Donald Trump wants to be nominated the “old-fashioned way”.

On his Truth Social platform, Trump objected to the proposal, writing that he wanted to be nominated as a candidate the “old-fashioned way at the ballot box.” Bossie then withdrew his corresponding draft, which he had sent to some party members. He has not yet responded to a request for comment.

The responsible committee of the Republican National Congress (RNC) is monitoring the primaries and could have voted at a meeting planned next week to send Trump directly as the party’s candidate in the race for the highest post in the country.

“Millions of voters should decide”

The idea of ​​an early election would certainly have flattered the designated candidate Trump, but it quickly met with criticism: Some RNC members complained that it was presumptuous and unfair to Nikki Haley, the last remaining competitor, to vote for Trump after only two primaries prematurely declaring him a candidate. “Who cares what the RNC says? We let millions of Republican voters across the country decide who our party’s nominee should be, rather than a bunch of Washington insiders,” Haley’s campaign said in a statement.

The applicant herself is currently coming under increasing pressure to withdraw early from the candidate race. There are also more signals coming from this direction from their sponsors. “Haley has to give up,” said metal magnate Andy Sabina, for example. The race is actually over and their sources of money are drying up. “Why would you finance someone who you know has no chance?” According to broadcaster NBC, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman also no longer wants to give any money.

Trump bans Haley donors

Donald Trump quickly declared his rival’s financiers to be enemies. He wrote on Truth Social that anyone who still donated to their campaign would be banned from their political environment forever – “permanently barred” was his choice of words in English. Haley, in turn, uses this threat for her election campaign and immediately promoted herself with these two words.

There is no German-style campaign financing in the USA. To put it simply, the candidates themselves have to ensure that they receive support. If they are more popular, they will not only receive more votes on election day, but also more donations in advance. If a candidate is considered hopeless during the election campaign, he will also have problems raising money.

Many experts considered the Republican primary election to have been decided before it even started. In total, around a dozen more or less prominent conservatives threw their hats in the ring, including former US Vice President Mike Pence. But Donald Trump has been leading the polls by a clear margin for a long time. The primaries in the individual US states continue until early summer, and the winner will be chosen as the presidential candidate at a party conference in Milwaukee in July.

Sources: DPA, Reuters, AFP