Donald Trump celebrates his birthday with a huge cake and attacks on Biden: How old was he?

Bite, bite, bite! donald trump commemorated his 78th birthday last Friday with a speech to a crowd unconditional in Florida, here he took the opportunity to criticize his rival Joe Biden for being too fragile at 81 years old to successfully carry out his second term in the United States presidential election.

“Our country is being destroyed by incompetent people,” declared Trump, who dedicated large portions of his speech to mocking Biden. “All presidents should be tested for aptitude.”

The former president addressed members of the '47 Club', made up of his supporters, at a convention center in West Palm Beach, which is a short drive from Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence.

In addition, the celebration included a huge multi-tiered cake that was brought out by the organizers, while the audience released red and blue balloons.

The cake was on top of a gold base and had separate layers with very attractive details.such as: a baseball cap with the slogan 'Make America Great Again' and the Club 47 logo, an American flag, the phrase “Born in the USA on Flag Day” in the United States, on Flag Day), a depiction of Trump playing golf, the Oval Office with the gold frames common at many Trump properties, as well as Trump and Republican logos.

Unfortunately, the multi-tiered cake was only for display, but behind the scenes there was a cake with vanilla frosting that was served to some members of the virtual Republican nominee's campaign team.

What did Trump say during his birthday celebration?

When Trump took the stage, the audience sang 'Happy Birthday' and took the opportunity to express their gratitude: “This It's the biggest birthday party I've ever had in my life.for long”.

The businessman received loud cheers as he laid out his well-known campaign plans, including speaking about immigration in threatening terms and pledging to reduce regulations, eliminate environmental protections in order to stimulate domestic energy production, and cut taxes.

Although he frequently mocked Biden, even declaring that the president often 'doesn't know where the hell he is,' Trump also offered a seemingly contradictory message to his supporters. He endorsed early voting, mailing ballots and also dropping them off in person on Election Day, only to later note: “In fact, I tell our people: we don't need your vote. “We have too many votes.”

For the event, which took place in Trump's adopted state, 5,000 tickets were sold out and were sold for $35 each. While the seats closest to the stage cost $60, according to Larry Snowden, president of Club 47.

There is no doubt that this event represented a show of support for Trump, and took place a day after Republicans in Congress sang their own version of “Happy Birthday” and presented gifts and a cake to the former president during a visit to the Capitol. It is a notable display of loyalty for a former president from whom many of the same legislators shunned after the attack on the headquarters of Congress on January 6, 2021.