Donald Trump and me: And the Trumpel animal greets you every day

During his time as a US correspondent, Nicolas Büchse sometimes felt downright persecuted by Donald Trump. Until he realized something important through a meeting at the White House.

This text is part of the “Trump’s Revenge” seriesin which our reporters investigate the question: What would happen if Donald Trump moves into the White House again? In this episode, author Nicolas Büchse reports how Trump haunted him right into his sleep during his time as a US correspondent.

Donald Trump lived in my head for almost four years – rent free of course, what else could you expect from a stingy real estate shark like him.

No matter what time I woke up, no matter who I talked to, no matter where I went, no matter what newspaper I read or what TV channel I turned on, no matter whether it was Sunday or Christmas, he was there.