Donald Trump: An election victory could have dramatic consequences

Trump vows revenge against all those who bring him to justice or who he considers to be their accomplices. What he says today foreshadows the worst if he wins the presidential election on November 5th.

Donald Trump is on stage and is really angry. Should he pay a fine of $370 million? “I didn’t do anything wrong,” he shouts to his followers and, as if to prove it, reads out a fan’s post on Truth Social, his own social network. “This is undemocratic and against the constitution,” it says. “The judge and the prosecutor should be arrested and punished.” As always, Trump sees himself as the victim of a “witch hunt.”

Shortly before this appearance on a Friday evening in early January in the small town of Sioux Center in the US state of Iowa, it became known that Letitia James, Attorney General of New York State, was demanding the same huge fine. The Democrat accuses the ex-president of manipulating the value of his company, the Trump Organization, for years in order to get cheaper loans and insurance contracts. The judge in charge has already ruled that he considers Trump guilty, now it’s about the amount of the punishment. 370 million dollars wouldn’t be peanuts even for a Donald Trump.

When Trump takes the stage in Iowa – the state where the first presidential primaries are taking place this Monday – he is cold. He got out of his car without a coat and the temperature is around freezing. But when he starts talking about the fraud case in New York after about an hour, he’s sweating so much that he has to keep drying his face – the man has worked himself up into a rage.

Donald Trump on a quest for revenge

And what he says foreshadows the worst.