Does 'body positive' affect our health? Experts explain

In a world obsessed with image and perfection, movement ' 'or body positive has emerged as a brave and necessary response. However, What impact does this trend have on our physical and mental health? The doctor Elio Galanan expert in aesthetics, offers us a deep and thoughtful vision on this hot topic.

According to Dr. Galán, the 'bodysuit positive'is much more than just superficial acceptance of oneself. It is a movement that seeks to promote self-acceptance and personal appreciation, challenging the beauty standards imposed by society. However, warns that in some cases, this trend can be misinterpreted and exploited for commercial purposes.

Self-acceptance is a movement when the individual as a social entity proclaims to look better every day by loving or pampering himself and we are not seeing this movement in an integral way. We are seeing it from commercializing the image to be able to sell a brand.”

Elio Galan

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Self-esteem at the center of the debate

Self-esteem, that fundamental concept in human well-being, is affected by a series of factors from childhood to adulthood. The psychiatrist Enrique Rojasin his work “Live your life”, explores this crucial topic and offers advice to strengthen it at every stage of life.

According to Rojas, Self-esteem is formed from security and self-confidence, foundations that are built in childhood and shaped throughout adolescence and adulthood. However, factors such as a toxic family environment, a bad school environment, and excessive self-criticism can trigger low self-esteem.

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The power of self-acceptance

Despite the challenges, Dr. Rojas offers practical advice to strengthen self-esteem, such as recognizing and valuing one's positive qualities and focusing on the present. Highlights the importance of a positive and loving childhood in the emotional development of an individualas well as the need to face life's challenges with serenity and benevolence.

As he 'body positive' like self-esteem are integral parts of our emotional and physical well-being. It is crucial to find a healthy balance between self-acceptance and the desire to improve. As Dr. Galán points out, “it is important to address the 'body positive'from a comprehensive perspective that promotes health and well-being in all aspects of our lives.' With a deeper understanding and a positive attitude, we can navigate this complex landscape of self-image with confidence and serenity.

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