Dayanara Torres confesses that she was not happy with Marc Anthony

MIAMI.- Dayanara Torres spoke about his relationship with Mark Anthony. The Puerto Rican explained how her innocence and youth made her think that reaching the marriage with a successful singer would make her happy, when in reality it was quite the opposite.

In an interview she gave to Las Top News, Torres addressed her relationship with the interpreter and noted that at that moment she felt lucky; But her time made him understand that her luxuries and fame do not bring her happiness.

The former beauty queen and the singer married in 2000, after two years of romance.

“I think that perhaps my marriage (with Marc Anthony)… I thought that, like any girl who dreams of getting married in this way, of this magnitude, this was a dream thing. And I had it, but at the end of the year day is the most accurate way to say it: 'I had everything, but I was not happy,'” he said.

In 2003, with two children together, Cristian and Ryan, Torres filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2004.


Although the dream did not end with a happy ending, he explained that the experience left him an important life lesson: “That lets you know that it is not waiting for a guy to arrive, (nor) a prince, (nor) the mansion and the other”.

“You are happy with yourself and I lived it that way. I can say: winning the lottery is not going to give you happiness; Being with the person that you fell in love with, that you dreamed that you were going to end your whole life happily, did not give me happiness. So happiness is what you make,” she asserted.

However, two decades after that separation, Torres emphasized that over the years she managed to build happiness in her own way, and of course there are important people in her life who motivate her to feel satisfied with who she is and what she has.

“I am happy every day, maybe not 24 hours a day. I have been receiving hits after hits for years and I still get up, but I believe that strength is what lifts me up and wakes me up to continue being happy. They are my children, because I What I want is for (Cristian and Ryan) to see a mother who fell and got up,” he confessed.