Daniel Ziblatt: “The Republicans are currently a nationalist party”

Harvard professor Daniel Ziblatt sees American democracy in a deep crisis. If Donald Trump wins the election, the situation will become even worse. In an interview, he explains how the US Constitution should be reformed.

Professor Ziblatt, in your new book you describe how minorities in the USA continue to rule despite losing elections. In 2016, Trump became president without a majority, and that could happen again in 2024. How long can America endure this?
The more often this happens, the more pressing the question of legitimacy becomes. In 2000, Al Gore won the most votes nationwide, but George W. Bush became president. In 2016, we saw it again. Citizens, especially on the left, will ask why we have this system. If someone was born in 1990, he or she has already experienced this twice. If Trump is re-elected, it will be the third time. This cannot continue.