Dakota Galban has Joe Biden in her heart. And in the trunk

Everyone talks about Donald Trump's unconditional, euphoric fans. Joe Biden can also count on enthusiastic supporters. A meeting with presidential fan Dakota Galban, who isn't having an easy time at the moment.

“You want to see Joe Biden? No problem, he's in my trunk,” says Dakota Galban at the end of the meeting. He steps out of J. Alexander's Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, and walks across the parking lot to his white VW Jetta. Dakota Galban is 28 years old and works in the human resources department of a construction company, but his job doesn't really play a role here. What's more important is that he can introduce you to Joe Biden. Know how to provide an answer to a question that so many people are asking, not just in the United States.

Why Joe Biden? Why are the Democrats sending him, the 81-year-old, into the race against Donald Trump in this fateful American election?