Could family gossip break up couples? Experts give their opinion

Family gossip can play a significant role in relationships, affecting communication and harmony between members, according to experts. Jennifer Florezpsychotherapist specialized in couple relationships, highlights the importance of setting clear boundaries and addressing gossip constructively to prevent them from becoming a source of conflict.

In an interview with the program La Mesa Caliente, Florez highlights how silence in the face of gossip can be misinterpreted and lead to misunderstandings. He points out that setting limits early is essential to maintaining open and healthy communication between couples.

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On the other hand, Magdalena Salamancapsychoanalyst and expert in family relationships, analyzes the role of the family in society and how family dynamics can influence couple relationships. It highlights the importance of recognizing and accepting the differences between the families of origin of each member of the couple, avoiding comparison and competition.

Salamanca points out that Differences in family customs and ways of behaving can generate conflicts between couples. if not addressed properly. He recommends learning to differentiate instead of compare, and developing an attitude of tolerance and acceptance towards differences.

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In his experience, Salamanca observes that Conflicts with families of origin can lead to constant arguments and fights without solution. He suggests seeking professional help to address these conflicts constructively and promote greater self-knowledge and self-transformation in the couple.

Both Florez and Salamanca emphasize the importance of recognizing and accepting differences in family and couple relationships. Accepting these differences in a positive way can contribute to a more harmonious coexistence. and satisfactory for both parties.

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