Corina Yoris is the standard bearer of María Corina Machado for the presidential elections

“We have found a person of my total confidence, honorable, who is going to complete this procedure with the support and trust of everyone, because This is a decision that arose from the discussion of democratic forces.”said the opposition in a press conference held from Caracas, before announcing the designation of Yoris as her successor to face Nicolás Maduro, in case he is not disqualified.

Machado mentioned that Yoris, a graduate in Philosophy and Letters, and a doctor in History, is a person who has the “respect of everyone who has known her,” for what she generates in them. “I trust everyone for their honorability, their career, their love for Venezuela.”.

He highlighted that the former member of the CNP at 5:23 pm local time It is enabled by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to be nominated as a candidate for the cards of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) and Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), the only two political organizations allied to Machado that can nominate candidates.

“We go together, we are a great team.â€said the opposition leader, reaffirming her commitment to continue touring Venezuelan territory, motivating citizens and demanding free and transparent elections.

He stressed that his fight for disqualification will not stop. “Everyone knows that the law establishes that even 10 days before the election there may be a substitution, so here we will fight until the last day†, he pointed out.

CNE restriction

Machado pointed out that the Electoral Power, at the service of the Chavista regime, not only maintains its “irritating, unconstitutional and cowardly†disqualification policy in the Electoral Registry (RE) but also restricts access to the website of the only two cards that support his candidacy.

“That is the reality today and we know that the hours are passing, and that the regime uses this as a maneuver to later say that there was no unity or willingness to overcome this obstacle, and that is not We are going to allow it,†she said, surrounded by leaders of the different political groups that make up the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), the main opposition alliance in Venezuela.

Among the political figures who accompanied Machado were Omar Barbozaexecutive secretary of the PUD; Henry Ramos Allupfrom Democratic Action (AD); María Beatriz Martínezfrom Primero Justicia (PJ); Adriana Pichardo, of Popular Will (VP); the former candidate Delsa Solórzano, from Encuentro Ciudadano (EC); the former candidate César Pérez Vivasfrom Citizen Concertation; Biagio Pilierifrom Convergence; Robert Garcia, from COPEI; and Simon Calzadillaof the Progressive Movement of Venezuela (MPV).

“The regime knows that it is lost, that the people are with us. We all know that we are an immense majority that grows every day and that we are willing to do everything that needs to be done for Venezuela, for our children, for our freedom,” he asserted.

They remain on the electoral route

The opposition leader indicated that although Chavismo tries “close the electoral path†and “deny Venezuelans the path to change and freedom in peace”, they will not be able to remove the opposition from the electoral route.

“We are determined to move forward and do everything that needs to be done to stay on this path and fulfill a mandate of almost three million Venezuelans, which on October 22 we achieved with glorious primaries to show the world what we are capable of. and how in the face of all obstacles, When there is conviction and civic courage, nothing stops us†, he stressed.

Just as they overcame the obstacles of the regime last year during the primaries, Machado assured that they will continue “sorting and overcoming every obstacle†to stay on the electoral path.

“We are going to get the antidote for every trap they set for us. Don't hesitate, this is a time to trust us. This is a fight for good Venezuela, for decent Venezuela, for Venezuela that is determined to change because the change has already begun,” he emphasized.

Who is Corina Yoris, the replacement for María Corina Machado?

Corina Yoris, is a 80-year-old academic and university professorwho has served as president of the Venezuelan Society of Philosophy and member of the boards of directors of the Inter-American Society and the Ibero-American Philosophy Network.

Also a representative of the Mexican Academy of Logic and the International Étienne Gilson Society, she was recently named a full member of the Venezuelan Academy of Language.

Since November 2022 he was part of the CNPwhich organized the internal elections of the opposition in which Machado won more than 90% of the votes.

In his first statements to the press, he assured that will continue fighting for Machado's authorizationwho enjoys overwhelming popular support, despite the fact that the Chavista regime prohibits him from participating in these elections in which the future of the South American nation is at stake, plunged into an unprecedented crisis, after 25 years of Chavismo.

“I feel at this moment not only proud, but tremendously committed to the people, to the citizens, to María Corina, to this act of trust, to place in me that challenge that she has,” she expressed.

She stated: “God made us women give birth and we are giving birth to the country, but we need the hand of a man at the time of childbirth. Are All of you, it is Venezuela that wants to recover its freedom and, above all, its dignity†.