Conspiracy theory: Taylor Swift, the Super Bowl the US election

In the US election campaign, no theory is too nonsensical to spread rapidly. Like the rumor that the Super Bowl will be postponed so that Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce can endorse Joe Biden.

Some fantasies are actually so outrageous that they shouldn’t be pursued any further. But in the USA it is a presidential election campaign and conspiracy theories are now part of the usual political chatter, at least in conservative and right-wing circles. Some people there are currently suspecting an attack on a national shrine by power-hungry leftists. In the center: the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift and Joe Biden.

The super couple for the Super Bowl

The final game of the US Football Championship will take place in Las Vegas on the Sunday after next, February 11th (RTL will broadcast live from 11:15 p.m.). This Super Bowl is the biggest sports and TV event in the USA and the barbecue and beer social event of the year. Opposite are the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

If the game itself wasn’t dramatic, emotional and big enough, pop sensation Taylor Swift has been joining in for some time now. She is dating Kansas City star Travis Kelce, who recently set an NFL pass catching record. The singer has to get on the plane immediately after her concert in Tokyo in order to make it to the desert metropolis in time for the finale. The super glamor couple is already outshining the super event football, and back to the conspiracy theory, also the election in November.

Has the Super Bowl winner already been decided?

Because, as candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who recently withdrew from the presidential race, ventilated, the Super Bowl winner has already been decided, but the final is being manipulated: the Kansas City Chiefs will win in order to bathe the Kelce-Taylors in an even more dazzling light , so that they in turn, attention twist, help US President Joe Biden get re-elected.

How one has to do with others is not immediately clear. However, one could construct a connection if one knows that Taylor Swift supported Joe Biden in the last election in 2020 and that the Biden team would be very happy about a renewed, and above all public, expression of sympathy this year. The New York Times called the hoped-for coupling of high-end pop and politics a “dream support”.

Manipulated is the word of the day

“I wonder who will win the Super Bowl. And I wonder if there will be major support for the president in the fall from an artificially inflated cultural couple. Just some speculation, but let’s see how that plays out over the next eight months,” Ramaswamy recently wrote on

In right-wing circles, “rigged” is the word of the moment: faked, manipulated, influenced. Donald Trump already described the last presidential election that way. So now also the Super Bowl. “The NFL is completely rigged in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs and Travis Kelce just to spread Democratic propaganda. I predict: Kansas wins, Swift performs at halftime and joins Kelce in the middle of the field in supporting Joe Biden.” says TV presenter and Trump supporter Mike Crispi.

Does NATO have a hand in Taylor Swift?

Such prophecies, without justification or evidence, quickly spread on social networks. Jesse Watters, presenter at the ultra-conservative news channel Fox News, thinks he knows the exact background and describes a scenario that would fail even the most jaded Hollywood writers: In his opinion, the Defense Ministry and NATO are in the process of turning Taylor Swift into a ” agent for disinformation”.

The occasion: A video from a NATO conference in which a speaker named the singer as an example of an influential influencer. Which Swift undoubtedly is – even without ulterior motives.

In fact, her word certainly has political weight. Polls suggest up to a fifth of respondents would vote for the candidate Taylor Swift supports. That’s a lot given how close the race is likely to be in November. At the moment, Donald Trump is four percentage points ahead in his duel with Joe Biden – minus the usual margin of error, that would be a lead of one to two percentage points. A choice recommendation from the pop goddess could actually tip the scales.

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