Cold front in South Florida: Goodbye to spring temperatures

MIAMI.- Other cold front approaches south of Florida, so a change in the climatic conditions of the area is expected starting this Monday night. In this way, taking out the coats again is an imperative.

It is anticipated arrival of a cold front on Monday as the night sets inwith the possibility of rain during the night hours and until Tuesday morning.

The cold front would also have an impact in Central Florida. Forecasts indicate that the frigid air mass would be approaching east of that area after sunset, with some isolated showers and thunderstorms.

Parallel to this, in the north of the state a tornado warning was issued early Monday for Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Jackson and Washington counties.

What minimum temperatures are expected?

Meanwhile, South Florida could experience colder with more intensity on Tuesday afternoonwith lows in the upper 50s at night and highs near 80 degrees.

The report from weather authorities highlights that cool conditions are also expected Wednesday morning, with highs in the upper 70s and sunny, dry conditions.

When will the cold front end?

Later, Lows on Thursday and Friday will be in the 60s. and highs will remain in the upper 70s, while Saturday will be warmer with highs in the 80s.

The chance of rain increases on Sunday with the possibility of showers.