Chile says goodbye to Sebastián Piñera between regrets and admiration

SANTIAGO.- Former presidents and politicians of Chile, as well as family members and followers, bid farewell to the former president Sebastian pineappledied on Tuesday while piloting his helicopter in the south of the country.

The entire cabinet of President Gabriel Boric, as well as the widow of pineappleCecilia Morel, along with her four children, arrived at the headquarters of the former Congress in the center of Santiago for a ceremony on the last of the three days of mourning decreed by the government.

During the ceremony, speeches by former presidents Eduardo Frei (1994-2000), and Michelle Bachellet (2006–10; 2014–18) are included. Former president Ricardo Lagos (2000-2006) will not attend after retiring from public life a week ago.

His family had emotional words for the former president.


“I still can’t make many reflections because the impact is very strong (…) but it has been very exciting to see all the people from all over Chile,” said Cecilia Morel.

“I also thank the Government, President Boric, who received us with great affection and arranged this State funeral,” he highlighted.

Morel’s words came at a time when right-wing leaders have criticized the “harsh and unfair opposition” that the now president Boric and members of his government embodied when they led the opposition to pineapple during the social crisis of October 2019 and then in the pandemic that hit the country’s economy.

pineapple He died Tuesday afternoon from “asphyxiation due to submersion” in Lago Ranco, where the helicopter crashed, said Los Ríos regional prosecutor Tatiana Esquivel, in the city of Valdivia, 850 km south of Santiago and about 70 km from the crash site.

pineapple He was piloting his helicopter with three people, including his sister, who were unharmed.

The businessman was, at 74 years old, one of the richest men in Chile, recognized for having come to power in 2010 as the first democratically elected right-wing politician after the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

The president who governed twice, in 2010-2014 and 2018-2022, was praised by followers and political rivals for his capacity for dialogue and commitment to a liberal democracy.