Cannes Film Festival opens with Palme d’Honor for Meryl Streep

The International Film Festival begins in Cannes on Tuesday, and numerous stars are expected to attend. At the opening ceremony starting at 7:15 p.m., US actress Meryl Streep will be awarded a Golden Palm for her lifetime achievement. A major theme at the festival will be the #MeToo movement, which is making sexual violence in the world of film public. French actress Judith Godrèche will present a film about alleged victims.

Current political events are present in films about the young Donald Trump, a Russian poet in exile or everyday life during the war in Ukraine. The monumental film “Megalopolis” by Hollywood veteran Francis Ford Coppola is also eagerly awaited. The German actor Franz Rogowski plays in the film “Bird”, which is being shown by the British filmmaker Andrea Arnold. New this year is a competition for so-called immersive works.