Can you rejuvenate without surgery? Experts share natural secrets

In the constant search for eternal youth, Is it possible to rejuvenate the face without undergoing invasive cosmetic surgeries? The answer could lie in a combination of skin care and healthy lifestyle habits. Karen Pabaa beauty expert, revealed in La Mesa Caliente the secrets that could transform your facial appearance naturally.

“Eyebrows and healthy skin are the key”, he claimed. According to Paba, eyebrows, often neglected, are the frame of her face and can enhance her beauty with a simple arrangement. Meanwhile, keeping the skin hydrated and luminous is essential, but without falling into exaggerations that can be counterproductive.

Science supports the idea of ​​natural rejuvenation

Longevity is closely linked to our lifestyle habits. We can live between 100 and 120 years if we correct premature aging processes in time. But how to achieve this feat?

Anti-aging medicine offers answers

This branch of medicine focuses on understanding and counteracting the effects of premature aging. Through biochemical and biophysical tests, the patient's biological age is determined and a personalized action plan is established. From correcting hormonal imbalances to promoting proper nutrition, each step is designed to rejuvenate from the inside out.

The director of the center specialized in anti-aging, Biosalud, Dr. Mariano Bueno, emphasizes the importance of synchronization between biological and chronological age. Many patients arrive with a desynchronization of up to 20 years between the two, but through personalized treatments, this gap can be significantly corrected.

Genetics plays a big role in our longevity, but the remaining 75% is determined by our lifestyle. The president of the Spanish Society of Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine, José Serres, emphasizes that our Habits, from nutrition to stress management, can significantly influence how long and how we age.

The factors that accelerate biological aging range from diseases to stress and acidity in the body.. It is essential to counteract these effects through a balanced diet, stress management and appropriate supplementation, such as glycine for collagen production.

But how do we know if we are aging faster than we should? Laboratory tests and genetic analyzes can reveal our biological age and our specific nutritional needs. This data serves as a guide to design a personalized treatment plan and measure progress over time.

From childhood to adulthood, preventative care is essential. Starting healthy habits early can make a difference in our quality of life as we age. It's not just about living longer, but about living better.

Anti-aging treatment is not limited to superficial aesthetic improvements. Patients experience increased vitality, improved memory and more radiant skin. It is a holistic approach that seeks to restore youth from the inside out.

Natural rejuvenation is a personalized journey towards a fuller, healthier life. It's not just about looking younger, it's about feeling better every step of the way. With proper care and a proactive approach, the secret to lasting youth is within everyone's reach.

(With information from EFE)