Caitlyn Jenner: These US stars want Trump to be president

Today is the first TV debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. These US celebrities have come out as ardent Trump supporters.

In a first TV duel before the US election in November, the two opponents Donald Trump (78) and Joe Biden (81) will face each other on the night of June 28 (Central European Time). Current polls predict a tough head-to-head race between the two candidates, and the speech duel is seen as the first test run for the hot phase of the election campaign.

In recent weeks, numerous prominent US stars have publicly campaigned for the re-election of incumbent President Biden, including big names such as George Clooney (63), Julia Roberts (56), Robert De Niro (80), Barbra Streisand (82) and Lenny Kravitz (60). The list of prominent Trump supporters, on the other hand, is far less impressive – and includes some shrill personalities. An overview.

Kanye West

Even though Donald Trump did not choose him as his vice-candidate for the 2024 US election campaign as he had hoped, scandal rapper Kanye West (47) wants to continue to support the former scandal president. According to “CBS News”, during the Republican primaries, West expressed sympathy for Francis Suarez (46), the incumbent mayor of Miami, as a presidential candidate. After Suarez became the first candidate to leave the presidential race in August 2023, the rapper switched back to Trump. In an interview with “Donda Times”, he confirmed that he was still on his side. When asked whether he still supported Trump, the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian (43) replied with surprise in his voice: “Yes, of course, Trump all day. What are you talking about? You know how it is.”

Caitlyn Jenner

Donald Trump receives further support from the extended Kardashian clan from Caitlyn Jenner (74). The American reality star was known until 2014 under the name Bruce Jenner and as the husband of Kris Jenner (68), then underwent gender reassignment surgery. The trans woman is considered ultra-conservative and ran unsuccessfully for the office of governor in California in 2021. Even though she had been disappointed with Trump’s political agenda in the meantime, she is currently again speaking out in favor of another term for the Republican ex-president. In an interview she posted on X on June 17, she clearly declared her support for Trump and asserted that he is a “gentleman” and the “nicest guy” you could imagine.

Kid Rock

US singer Kid Rock (53) has been calling Donald Trump one of his best friends for years and has become one of the ex-president’s most prominent and vocal supporters. In one of his last posts on the X platform, he described him as a “genius” and friend of the working class, who will, not least of all, ensure that no more taxes have to be paid on tips.

Dennis Quaid and Roseanne Barr

Donald Trump also receives prominent support from some Hollywood stars such as actor Dennis Quaid (70, “The Day After Tomorrow”) and his colleague Roseanne Barr (71, “Roseanne”). In an interview with Trump friend Piers Morgan (59) a few weeks ago, Quaid asserted: “People call him an asshole, but he’s my asshole.” Roseanne Barr has also been considered an ardent supporter of Trump for years. As “Newsweek” reported, the actress, who stumbled over racist statements in 2018, had a firearm signed by her idol this May.

Here you can watch the TV duel Trump vs. Biden

The American public can watch the TV debate between Trump and Biden live on CNN today, June 27 (local time). But of course the political exchange will also be broadcast live around the world, beyond the borders of the United States. The German public has the opportunity to watch the debate from 3:00 a.m. on Phoenix on free TV or in the Phoenix live stream in the ARD media library. The news channels N-TV and Welt (formerly N24) also offer a live stream.