BYD GYM, a space for physical activity on the Caribbean coast

CARACAS.- Last November 18 at 10:00 am (Venezuela) was inaugurated in the coast from Píritu (Falcón State) BYD Gym, a project inspired by the company’s slogan Build Your Dreams: build your dreams, which corresponds to the company’s initials.

The president of BYD Corporation CA, Régulo Montero, commented that his company’s initials represent the commitment to building dreams.

“This will be the first of many gyms that we will open in the country (Venezuela), in order to collaborate and provide tools that keep the city’s inhabitants physically fit to continue fighting for their goals,” said Montero.

The Venezuelan speaker, coach and businessman also highlighted that the achievement of goals is the achievement of achievements and for this it is necessary to have good health and condition. physicalOtherwise, it would be difficult to work and act to achieve the results you want to obtain.

“For that reason we are working on the project of opening not only this gym, but many throughout the country, including Caracas. We have opened first in Píritu, because our roots, our ancestors, come from here, we were born and raised here, and all our contributions begin with our place of origin,” explained Montero.

A gym on the coast to improve quality of life

The objective of this new space is to contribute to improving people’s quality of life, in this case through physical exercise as a fundamental factor in maintaining good health. Additionally, it seeks to generate direct and indirect jobs. “The gym, equipped with modern machines and sporting goods, is aimed at people of all ages and those specialized in different sports disciplines,” reported the president.

“BYD Corporation CA has transcended its geographical space from its headquarters in Valencia, Carabobo state, and is already recognized on a national scale for the quality of its automotive spare parts under the brands Tromp Autoparts, Motro Autoparts and More Autoparts. Now, with the intention of To bring a culture of health based on exercise, so that the population remains in good physical and mental condition, this chain of gyms begins from Píritu for all of Venezuela,” said the organization of the physical space.