Brain stroke: what it consists of, its causes and tips to prevent it

In a recent episode of La Mesa Caliente, Laura Flores shared a shocking experience about his health. After undergoing cosmetic treatment, he suffered a cerebral microinfarction which left her shocked. “When this happened to me, I was in shock. “I had nightmares because I was very afraid of losing my life,” the actress revealed.

We are all going to lose our lives, but I have small children, so I felt scared for them. I started to feel that this arm was going to sleep, but something that was not normal. “It was a very difficult feeling to describe.”

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He Cerebral strokeor stroke, It is a condition that can have devastating consequences if not treated in time. Knowing the causes behind this disease is crucial to prevent it and address its risk factors.

The brain, being the control center of the human body, requires a constant supply of oxygen and glucose through the blood to function properly.. When this supply is interrupted, either by a blockage in the blood vessels (ischemic stroke) or by bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke), a stroke occurs.

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There are multiple factors that can increase the risk of suffering a stroke. From hypertension and diabetes to smoking and a sedentary lifestylethese elements can accumulate over time and increase the chances of suffering a cerebrovascular event.

Age and gender also play an important role in stroke risk. As we age, andThe risk increases, and women, especially between 35 and 44 years oldmay face greater risk in certain cases.

The use of oral contraceptives, family history of stroke, migraines with aura, drug addiction and sleep apnea syndrome These are just some of the factors that can contribute to this risk.

However, the good news is that prevention is possible. Adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercisea balanced diet and avoiding tobacco and alcohol can significantly reduce the risk of stroke.

Furthermore, it is important stay aware of the signs and symptoms of a possible strokesuch as sudden numbness, difficulty speaking or walking, and seek medical attention immediately if they occur.

Knowing the causes of stroke and taking preventive measures can make the difference between health and illness. Consulting a doctor to assess individual risk and receive guidance on how to reduce that risk is critical to protecting long-term brain and overall health.

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