Blackouts in Texas: Strong storms leave more than 1 million users without power

This Tuesday, Texas residents were surprised with strong storms, destructive winds and hail the size of baseballs, situation that left up to 1 million homes and businesses without electricity.

While much of the United States is recovering from extreme weather, which included tornadoes and killed at least 15 people over the Memorial Day long weekend. Given this situation, it has been reported electricity outages in the region which includes Dallas and Fort Worth, where an oppressive heat wave at the beginning of the season added to the serious situation.

The reports indicate that more than 300 thousand clients were without electricity in Dallas County, according to PowerOutage.

Last weekend's destructive storms caused deaths not only in Texas, but also in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia.

The authorities indicate that a total of 7 people lost their lives in Cooke County, Texas, because a tornado destroyed a mobile home camp on Saturday. Furthermore, it was reported eight dead in Arkansas.

Two more people died in Mayes County, Oklahoma, east of Tulsa, authorities reported. Among the injured are several guests at a wedding that would take place outdoors. and another man died after a tree branch fell on his tent.

For his part, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear explained at a press conference that 5 other people died in that state.

While last Monday night, A possible tornado caused damage to a high school and half a dozen homes located in Pennsylvania. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but classes were suspended in the city of Mahanoy, said David Truskowsky, spokesman for the town's fire department.

During this Tuesday, approximately 160 million homes and businesses were left without electricity after the passage of storms that occurred over the weekend in Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia and Missouri.

This month has been a grim period of tornadoes and extreme weather for the Midwest.

Tornadoes that occurred in Iowa During last week They left at least five dead and dozens injured. While the storms caused the death of eight people in Houston during this month.

Additionally, April saw the second highest number of tornadoes on record in the country.

What caused tornadoes in the United States?

Storms occur as climate change contributesin general, to the seriousness of these phenomena Worldwide.

Harold Brooks, the chief scientist at the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Oklahoma, explained that a persistent pattern of warm, moist air is to blame for the series of tornadoes occurred during the last two months.

The heat even rose to record levels in parts of South Texas and extreme heat has been forecast for San Antonio and Dallas.