Biden speech: The official response video is embarrassing for the Republicans

Joe Biden's perhaps last State of the Union address was furious. Shooting star Katie Britt should provide the Republican answer. But her performance may have cost her the vice presidency.

It was a speech that no US president has given in the House of Representatives for a long time – with furious attacks on his political opponent, clear promises and a vision for a better America. Joe Biden's perhaps final State of the Union address should show voters that this is not the lame old man the Republicans portray him as. Their official response was so bizarre that it was seen as a disaster even within their own ranks.

The official response video was actually intended to reveal Biden's weaknesses. The Republican parliamentary leader Mitch McConell had specifically chosen the party's shooting star for this purpose. Katie Britt is the youngest female representative to ever enter the Senate for the Republicans and is considered a possible vice president for Donald Trump's second term. But that could now be off the table: the reaction to her response video has been catastrophic, even within her own party.

Response to Biden speech: “One of the biggest disasters we've ever had”

“Everyone is going completely crazy,” one MP, who did not want to be named, told The Daily Beast about the mood in his own party. “It's one of the biggest disasters we've ever had.”

Two aspects of the response video in particular have been criticized. On the one hand, there is the fact that the 42-year-old delivers the speech sitting down – in her kitchen at home. This not only creates a strange perception of the conservative party on International Women's Day, but also takes away a lot of momentum from its performance. However, the reactions to her appearance are even worse: With an exaggerated permanent grin, a wavering, insecure voice, sometimes whispered passages and an often panicked look, Britt doesn't seem like a future vice president on the attack – but like an overwhelmed beginner Tried to play a role.

Harsh criticism

“Her appearance was the stuff nightmares are made of,” The Daily Beast quoted a Trump confidant as saying. “People were just surprised by it.” Alyssa Farah Griffin also sees it that way. She used to work as Trump's spokeswoman, most recently publicly opposed him and supported the recently eliminated presidential candidate Nikki Haley. “Senator Katie Britt is a very impressive person, she ran an incredible campaign. But the staging was just bizarre,” she explained on “CNN.” “I absolutely cannot understand why she had to give the most important speech of her life from the kitchen.”

“She obviously really thinks she's absolutely delivering,” a party official told reporter Bryan Metzger. “But it's practically satire. Like a skit on 'Saturday Night Live'.” There are also tons of negative assessments from conservative accounts on Twitter. Britt seemed “like something out of a cheap horror film,” writes one, “Her acting coach should be fired,” another. “Bring back the white men,” complained the far-right commentator Ann Coulter.

Praise from Trump

The appearance could have consequences for Britt and the party. Mitch McConell is said to have personally selected her for the answer; her speech was considered an application speech for the post of vice-presidential candidate alongside Donald Trump. That's not off the table yet. However, the ex-president and current presidential candidate is known for closely following the reactions on TV and social media – and acting accordingly. “It definitely won't help,” one of his confidants believes, according to The Daily Beast.

Officially, however, Trump jumped to her side – albeit primarily to attack Joe Biden. “She was a GREAT contrast to the angry and obviously deeply disturbed 'President,'” he praised Britt on his network Truth Social. Trump praised her for appearing compassionate and caring, and for dealing with migration as the most important issue. “Great job, Katie!”

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