Biden calls on Democrats in Congress to support his candidacy

In view of the ever-growing debate surrounding his bid for a second term, US President Joe Biden has urgently appealed to his party colleagues in Congress to stand united behind his candidacy. He is “firmly determined” to stay in the presidential race, the 81-year-old Biden wrote in a letter on Monday to the Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate.

“It’s time for us to come together, move forward as a united party, and defeat Donald Trump,” Biden said, referring to his likely Republican challenger in November’s election. “I wouldn’t run again if I didn’t absolutely believe I’m the best person to beat Donald Trump in 2024,” the president assured.

Since his disastrously erratic and confused performance in the televised debate with Trump at the end of June, Biden has been faced with a fierce debate within his own party about his mental suitability for a second term. In recent days, several Democratic members of the House of Representatives have publicly appealed to Biden to refrain from running for president again.