Biden calls for 'moving heaven and earth' to rebuild collapsed Baltimore bridge

US President Joe Bidencalled for rebuilding the Baltimore Bridge that collapsed last Tuesday, however, he acknowledged that this will take time.

“I have ordered my team to move heaven and earth to reopen the port and rebuild the bridge as soon as humanly possible,” President Biden declared.

This terrible accident happened after a cargo ship collided with the Baltimore bridge during the early hours of last Tuesday, March 27, which caused its collapse.

President Biden announced that This emergency will be attended to your Government will allocate all federal resources to the reconstruction of the Baltimore bridge.

“We will send all federal resources needed as we respond to this emergency. And I mean all the federal resources, we are going to rebuild this port together,” Biden mentioned.

“My intention is for the federal government to pay the full cost of rebuilding that bridge. And I hope that Congress will support my effort,” he added.

However, the US president clarified that The objective is to finance the reconstruction of the Baltimore Bridge with federal resources, this until the authorities are able to determine responsibility for the accident.

President Joe Biden He described the fall of the Baltimore Bridge as “a terrible accident,” so he plans to visit this place as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the fall of the Baltimore Bridge It could generate a serious impact on the economy, because around 11 million cars pass through this place a year.

Collapsed bridge in Baltimore: 'This is not a terrorist act'

For his part, the Governor of Maryland, Wes Moore, clarified that the fall of the Baltimore Bridge It is not a terrorist act, but it was probably an accident since there were power problems.

The possibility that the fall of the Baltimore Bridge was a terrorist act It emerged after the attack that occurred in a concert hall in Moscow, where more than 130 people died.

Even the accident investigation in Francis Scott Key Bridge It has the support of FBI authorities.

There are 3 Mexicans affected by the Baltimore Bridge

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that there are 3 Mexicans involved in the fall of the Baltimore Bridge.

Until now 2 of the Mexicans remain missingwhile another managed to be rescued alive and is already receiving medical attention.

The Mexican president indicated that the authorities are already in communication with the families of those affected, to provide them with all possible support.