‘Betrayal’ to Trump: Niece of the former US president joins the Biden campaign

Mary Trump, niece of the former US president Donald Trump joined the team of the current president, Joe Biden, this Thursday as a special guest of the ‘spin room’, the space where the Democratic leader’s staff will comment to the press on the electoral debate this Thursday night.

Mary Trump is one of the voices chosen by the Biden camp to “speak to the stakes of this election and the stark contrast on the issues that will define it,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

Key issues include strengthening the middle class, fighting for reproductive rights for all women, protecting democracy, and “the striking contrast between the character of each candidate.”

Who is Mary Trump, the niece of the tycoon who supports Joe Biden?

Mary Trump’s support for her uncle’s electoral rival is not surprising. The writer and psychologist59, has spoken publicly in the past about “racism” and the “incompetence” of the former president: “I used to feel sorry for him, but then that became impossible for me,” he said in an interview more than three years ago.

All my life I have witnessed my uncle’s narcissism and cruelty“, he stressed in a statement released by the Biden campaign on Thursday.

He stressed that “his sense of inferiority has always driven his jealousy and his pathological need to dominate others.”

“I am in Atlanta tonight to remind everyone of who he is as a person and how he would govern as president, because the stakes are too high for us to make a mistake,” the niece added.

in his book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man (‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’), published in 2020, already put on the table the Secrets of his family and reflected that in this, money was the only value, lies were accepted and apologies were seen as something typical of the weak.

Trump vs. Trump: Family lawsuit reaches court

The disagreement between the two has reached the courts. Last May A New York court gave the go-ahead for Trump to denounce his niece for his role as a source in an investigation by the newspaper The New York Times about your finances.

The former president believes that Mary Trump violated the terms of the confidentiality agreement which was part of the pact concerning the legacy of Fred C. Trumpfather of the former president, who died in 1999.

Biden’s spin room will include Mary Trump’s Democratic legislators such as Senator Raphael Warnock and Congressman Robert Garcia, as well as the campaign’s communications team.

The agency’s communications director, Michael Tyler, said that these people “are not only some of the most effective and trusted voices on the president’s agenda,” but they also represent his “broad and diverse” coalition and will help ensure that his message reaches the voters who will decide the elections on November 5.