Bear relaxes in a hammock in a Vermont garden

WAITSFIELD — Noah and Kristen Dweck have seen several black bears around their Vermont home, but never anything like this: a bear relaxing in his hammock.

Noah Dweck recorded a video which shows two young bears in their Waitsfield garden, one of which is sitting in its hammock.

“He was charming. “It was a fun scene,” she expressed.

Dweck said he was sitting at a desk in his home near the Sugarbush ski resort when he heard the hammock jingling. But he soon realized that there was no wind.

“I immediately knew it was the bears,” he said. He rushed up to the second floor, looked out the window and saw one bear looking curiously at the other one, who was hanging out in the hammock, he said. He recorded a video with his iPhone and chased away the bears. Burlington television station WPTZ was the first outlet to report the sighting.

“We live in a very active area for bears. Bears are very accustomed to human contact, so I assume they have encountered other hammocks before,” Dweck said. “To be honest, I was very surprised that he didn't fall out of the hammock, and that he knew how to do it. “It was pretty fun to watch.”

Vermont has an abundant population of black bears and sightings and incidents with these animals have been increasing in recent years.