Banxico launches new 20 peso coin: What is it like and why does the reason have to do with the US?

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) issued a commemorative coin of 20 pesos for the 200 years relationship with the United States.

The coin belongs to the C1 family and has 12 sides with a diameter of 30 millimeters. Its weight is 12.67 grams.

As part of its characteristics, In the center it has the National Coat of Arms in sculptural reliefwith the legend ‘United Mexican States’ to form a semicircle at the top.

On the back, the commemorative phrase appears: ‘Two hundred years of diplomatic relations between the United Mexican States and the United States of America.’

In the center of the coin There are two eagles representing both countries, a golden eagle and a bald eagle with the text: ‘Friendship, sovereignty and cooperation’.

In the center the figure ‘200’ appears in relation to the aforementioned anniversary along with the stamps of the Mint.

The 20 peso commemorative coin is in circulation since December 6, 2023 so it could reach your hands in the next few days.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen witnesses delivery of commemorative coin

The Secretary of the United States Treasury, Janet Yellen, was present at the delivery of the commemorative coin along with the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar.

As part of her visit to Mexico, Yellen highlighted that Mexico is especially well positioned to capitalize on the opportunities offered by friendshoring to the region, given its proximity to the United States.

“For companies to truly take advantage of the opportunities created by the friendshoring“They must be able to count on adequate infrastructure and other public services,” he added in talks with businessmen, bankers and public officials.

In a brief interview with reporters, he ruled out the risk that the North American economy could fall into a recession that hits Mexico.

*With information from Felipe Gazcón