Art students create mural in downtown Miami

MIAMI.- A group of students from the Visual Arts Department at the New World School of the Arts created a mural that will be unveiled on Wednesday, December 13, at 10 am, in the Courthouse Center garage, located at 40 NW 3rd St, in the Downtown of Miami.

The mural will adorn the interior walls of the garage, as part of a project supported by the Miami Parking Authority and led by Professor Aramis O’Reilly. The students dedicated 20 days to conceive the large-scale work.

This is a series of three murals inspired by the environment, as part of a campaign to encourage nature conservation. The first mural is dedicated to the preservation of the Everglades. The second will be a call to preserve the flora and fauna of South Florida and the third proposes to conserve marine life.

Graduated Marine Miragethe mural became a fall semester course designed to create the opportunity for students to gain direct, real-life experiences while working on projects in public spaces.

“New World School of the Arts is truly grateful for the opportunity to once again partner with the Miami Parking Authority,” Aramis O’Reilly said in a statement. “Working with the wonderful MPA staff has been a pleasure for our students. The support, guidance and confidence that MPA has given them has had an immensely positive impact. The real-world experiences that came from working on this series of murals have also provided the students with valuable practical training, artistic confidence and, above all, the avenue to share their special skills with the Miami community,” added the professor. .

Likewise, the statement points out the benefits that this project brings to students.

“Collaborative art allows students to work as a team from start to finish, helping them experience the complexity of managing a public art project. The mural is expected to attract neighbors, pedestrians, the business community and visitors by giving them a sense of of tranquility and momentary peace amidst the bustle of the Miami mall. Students wrote the proposal, conceptualized the design, managed the budget, chose supplies and imagined a large-scale project. They also experienced working with a real client and learned how to weaving relationships to fulfill the vision of the artist and the client. In essence, the experiences that students gained in this class will have lasting value for their careers as practicing artists,” reads the press release issued by the Miami Parking Authority.