Argentines are champions of the international padel tournament

CARACAS.- The Argentine padel players Leonardo Yob and Fabricio Peirón became champions of the tournament international of paddle Fabrice Pastor Cup 1000 Caracas in three setswith a score of 2/6, 6/4, 6/2, against the Spaniards Daniel Blanco Dopazo and Rodrigo López Santín, after a week of matches in which 542 players They fought to win in their different categories.

The tournament was organized by the Padel Circuit, representative in Venezuela of the A1 Padel International Circuit.

Yob and Peirón started the development of the Open as third seeds with 2,344 points, which did not prevent them from climbing in the ranking. In the semifinals they faced the Argentine duo made up of Joaquín De Astoreca and Máximo Maldonado, who led the tournament as the best-ranked couple in the competition, boasting an accumulated score of 2,542 points. However, in a dizzying and very intense confrontation, full of fast, sustained and powerful balls for 90 minutes, they fell to Yop and Peirón with 6/3, 3/6, 6/2.

final play of padel

In the final game, the score did not necessarily reflect the intensity and level of play staged on the court. The Yop-Peirón/Blanco-López confrontation was characterized by a high strategy applied by both pairs, especially the one composed of Blanco-López to undermine Yop’s power, challenging his tall height of 1.90 meters, with low balls placed near the mesh and adjustments in the game by Yop-Peirón to counteract the planning of his opponents.

In this way, the first set went to Blanco-López with a resounding 6/2, while the adjustments made by Yop-Peirón led them to win the next two sets with a score of 6/4 and 6/2.

With their victory in the Fabrice Pastor Cup 1000 Caracas, the champions Leonardo Yob and Fabricio Peirón added 150 points each in the world ranking, to guarantee their presence in the Grand Master Final at the end of the year, which will receive the best 32 pairs of the world.

For their part, the runners-up Daniel Blanco Dopazo and Rodrigo López Santín earned 100 points each.