Argentina’s new President Milei is inaugurated

Argentina’s controversial new president, Javier Milei, will be inaugurated on Sunday. The right-wing populist, ultra-liberal political newcomer wants to radically restructure the South American country, which is in a serious economic crisis: During the election campaign, due to the extremely high inflation, he announced, among other things, that he would abolish the central bank and introduce the dollar as the national currency. Milei is often compared to former US President Donald Trump because of, among other things, his anti-system rhetoric and his often aggressive tone.

The 53-year-old economist won the runoff election in November with 55.6 percent against his rival, Economy Minister Sergio Massa. During the election campaign he often appeared with a chainsaw and not only caused a stir with his radical economic and financial plans. He also spoke out against abortions and sex education as well as in favor of allowing organ trafficking and denied man-made climate change. He also sparked protests because he downplayed the crimes of Argentina’s right-wing military dictatorship. In parliament, however, he will be dependent on other parties to implement his policies.