Area codes in the USA New Hampshire expert Dante Scala: "Trump can already smell the blood. He wants to kill it here"

Political scientist Dante Scala is considered the best expert on the New Hampshire primaries. The politics professor sees many signs of another triumph for Trump – and unexpectedly big problems for Joe Biden.

Dante Scala, a politics professor at the University of New Hampshire, meets for an interview at the restaurant where all presidential candidates have to stop by during the election campaign: The Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, the largest city in the state. A place for workers, the prices are reasonable, the portions are large, and there are dozens of photos of prominent visitors hanging on the walls: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden. These are Scala’s seventh primaries that he is examining scientifically. A conversation about a possible triumph for Donald Trump, the status of Joe Biden – and the best possible outcome of the US elections.