Antonieta Jurado denies that she was detained by Sebin in Venezuela

MIAMI.– Antonieta Jurado, wife of the editor-in-chief of El Nacional, Miguel Henrique Otero, denied news, based on rumors, that she was detained in Venezuela by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin), and asked not to disseminate information without verifying its veracity.

In a message he spread on his social networks, Jury calls it “fakenews” the information disseminated by a digital television channel, based in Miami, in which it is stated that she was detained by the political police of Venezuela, and which was replicated on the Instagram account.

“I want to categorically affirm that this is completely false and lacks any basis,” he says, and then adds what appears to be a letter.

“I am writing to you with urgency and seriousness to clarify a situation that has recently arisen and that directly affects my reputation and emotional well-being. “The Venezuelan television channel EVTV Miami published a false news article stating that I have been detained by Sebin,” he stated.

He adds: “I have not had any encounter or confrontation with the Venezuelan authorities and I am currently leading my normal life, fulfilling my daily obligations.”

He later considers that the news is not only false, but also “has generated unnecessary anguish and concern among my loved ones and acquaintances.”

“I am taking the necessary measures so that this misinformation is corrected and so that those responsible for its dissemination are aware of the damage they can cause with fake news. I also ask those who have shared this news without verifying its veracity to remove it immediately and avoid spreading news that has not been confirmed,” he says in the text that is also replicated in El NacionalWeb.

Jurado thanks everyone who has approached her with concern and solidarity. “Your support from her at this time is invaluable. I ask you to help spread this clarification to restore truth and peace of mind to both me and my loved ones.”

FOUNTAIN: Instagram account of Antonieta Jurado, El NacionalWeb