Annual health check: Biden complete, according to doctor "fit for duty"

“Fit for duty” and no new complaints: US President Joe Biden’s doctor has certified that the 81-year-old is in good health. After his annual health check, Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor said on Wednesday that the president “remains fit for duty and is carrying out all of his duties to the fullest extent, without any exceptions or adjustments.” The investigation “did not reveal any new concerns.”

The result of the health check at Walter Reed Hospital outside Washington was eagerly awaited given the debate about Biden’s fitness and advanced age.

“President Biden is a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old man who remains capable of successfully carrying out the duties of the presidency,” said presidential physician O’Connor.

His report also points to some minor and already known health problems, including a stiff gait due to wear and tear on the spine and a small heart valve problem, which, however, have not changed significantly compared to last year.

The president also now uses a device to reduce sleep disorders and has had to undergo emergency dental surgery. What is crucial, however, is that there are no signs of neurological problems such as Parkinson’s or a stroke, said O’Connor’s report.

Biden himself said his only concern was that doctors would think “I look too young.” Everything is “great”.

It was the US president’s last health check before the presidential election in November, in which he wants to run for another term and will most likely run against his predecessor Donald Trump.

Biden is already the oldest sitting US president of all time and his health is a political issue. In view of several mix-ups and slips of the tongue, as well as critical comments from a special investigator, many voters are increasingly doubting the Democrat’s mental fitness.

Special investigator Robert Hur wrote in a report that the 81-year-old seemed like a “well-meaning, older man with a poor memory.” There had previously been excitement because the US President had confused the late former Chancellor Helmut Kohl with the former Chancellor Angela Merkel and also the late French head of state François Mitterrand with the incumbent Emmanuel Macron.

Biden has always dismissed concerns about his old age. In a TV interview at the beginning of the week, he sharply attacked his competitor Donald Trump. “Look at the other guy,” Biden said of his 77-year-old opponent on comedian Seth Meyers’ talk show. “He’s about the same age as me, but he can’t remember his wife’s name.”