Ancelotti condemns the current calendar and describes it as “unsustainable”

MADRID.- The coach of Real Madrid, the Italian Carlo Ancelottiwho in the last national team break lost due to injury to Vinicius and Eduardo Camavingadescribed the current football calendar as “unsustainable” and called for reducing the number of matches to avoid injuries and improve the spectacle.

It is a calendar that cannot be sustained and those who prepare it have to look at what has happened“, declared the Italian coach this Saturday at the press conference prior to the duel of The league against him Cadiz.

The solution is to reduce the number of matches. If they do not agree League, UEFA and FIFA The players can’t do anything. Players and coaches cannot do this, only the team can fix it. Leaguethe UEFA and the FIFA. However, they do the opposite because we have more games. Until this is fixed, it cannot be solved,” he added.

“Everything is good if the number of games is reduced. That would reduce injuries and improve the quality of the show because I have seen games during this break that have ended 8-0 or 14-0. I don’t know if that makes sense” , insisted Ancelotti, who did not doubt that “Players and coaches have no problem with lowering their salaries if it helps the health of the first team.“, although he was convinced that “it is not a salary problem.”

Silence with Ancelotti’s future:

Announced as Brazilian coach at the end of this season, Ancelotti insisted in the same speech as in recent months: “I feel proud that a team of the greatest in the world, like Brazil, notice me. Everything is clear and I have a contract until June 30. Until nothing happens I’m not going to answer about my future.”

And asked if he will wait until the last moment to see if the real Madrid offers him to continue in office beyond June 30, the Italian had no doubts: “Of course!“.