AMLO recognizes fentanyl production in the country: 'It is manufactured in the US, Canada and Mexico'

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has confirmed the obvious: he fentanyl is produced in Mexico. In an interview with the American news program '60 minutes', The president specified that the lethal drug is manufactured in the country, but also in the United States and Canada. This is the first time that the president admits the situation of the substance.

The questions continued their course about the presence of narcotics. 'We do not have the problem of consumption (of fentanyl) in Mexico,' said López Obrador.

He also praised his security strategy: 'hugs and not bullets', and assured that it has worked very well: 'There is no impunity in Mexico.' According to the civil organization, Mexico Evaluates only 4 out of every 100 crimes are investigated.

The immigration crisis was another of the topics that journalist Sharyn Alfonsi touched on. AMLO expressed that Biden and Trump have been respectful of the bilateral relationship. 'We have good ties with the United States government, but not subordination.'

In a brief farewell, the journalist mentions the official presidential candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum, ensuring that her election was 'by hand'.

What is fentanyl?

He Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and one of the most useful drugs in medicine. It has similar properties to morphine and heroin, but Its addictive potential and toxicity are greater.

Synthesized for the first time in 1960 by the Belgian doctor and researcher Paul Janssen, it was used from 1963 as an intravenous analgesic. But in the 70s and 80s it began to be consumed for other purposes.

AMLO denied production of fentanyl in Mexico

Last year, in the face of strong questions from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which pointed to Mexican cartels as the main producer of fentanyl, the president denied that the opioid was produced in the country.

AMLO asserted that he had evidence that The drugs arrived from China to the country, ready to be trafficked to the United States.