AMLO, legal uncertainty – El Financiero

The United States has a GDP per inhabitant greater than that of Mexico. In 2022, the average GDP per inhabitant in Mexico was 11,569 dollars, while in the USA, it was 76,000 dollars, 6.6 times more than in Mexico.

The main cause is the instability of the rules of the game. Savers and investors in the United States are not worried that the President will decide to modify the Constitution, as in Mexico.

In the United States, in 247 years of independence, the only current Constitution has only been modified twice and it was to further limit the government.

Mexico, with 202 years of independence, has had 5 constitutions. The most recent, from 1917 to date, was modified by 256 decrees, which until the beginning of 2024 implied 764 changes in the articles of one of the most abused Constitutions in the world.

One of the main causes of the greatest progress of the United States is the legal stability of its Constitution. And one of the main causes of Mexico’s backwardness in relation to the United States is the legal instability of its Constitutions.

In the United States, the government limits its decisions to what is stated in its Constitution, in Mexico the rulers modify the Constitution from time to time to have more power and govern as they please.

In fact, the government’s policy of constantly changing the Constitution brings us closer to the Dictatorship, whose main component is that the rulers do whatever they want, supported by a pseudo-constitution, which, instead of limiting their actions, as in all countries truly democratic, they are increased, in effect turning the rulers into dictators.

In the remaining months, the current government will present 20 changes to the Constitution to further weaken the division of powers and autonomous organizations, such as the INE and the ASF. These 20 changes, in the few months left to the current government, are more than those suffered by the United States Constitution in more than two centuries.