After jury decision: How Donald Trump's family reacts

Donald Trump's children publicly defend their father after he was found guilty by the jury in the trial.

Donald Trump (77) was found guilty by the jury on all 34 counts in the hush money trial on Thursday (May 30). The former US president himself subsequently continued to plead his innocence, saying the jury's decision was a “disgrace,” Trump said. Three of his five children have already reacted publicly on social media – and defended their father.

Donald Trump Jr.: “Such nonsense”

His eldest son Donald Trump Jr. (46) defended the former US president just minutes after his father was found guilty by the twelve jurors. “The Democrats have succeeded in their years-long attempt to turn America into a third world shithole,” he told ABC News. With a view to the presidential election on November 5, in which Trump can still run, the 46-year-old entrepreneur said: “November 5 is our last chance to save it.” X responded He also said in clear words: “What nonsense.”

Donald Trump's middle son Eric Trump (40) shared via X with: “May 30, 2024, may be remembered as the day Donald J. Trump won the 2024 presidential election.” Both sons also traveled to New York to support their father with their presence.

Daughter Ivanka Trump (42), who has so far stayed away from the trial in Manhattan, posted an old photo of herself as a child with her father in a story on Instagram and wrote: “I love you, dad.”

Tiffany Trump (30), Donald Trump's second daughter, has not yet made a public statement. However, like her two brothers, she was present in the courtroom during the closing arguments on Tuesday (May 28).

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What does wife Melania Trump say about the verdict?

In contrast to Melania Trump (54), the wife of the former US president has so far held back with her public support. No statement has been made following the jury's verdict.

This could of course also be due to the issue in the hush money trial. After all, Trump was accused of having paid the former porn actress Stormy Daniels (45) 130,000 US dollars via his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen before the 2016 election so that she would not spill the beans about an alleged affair. Such a payment is not illegal in itself, but manipulating the documents to conceal it is. The jury found Trump guilty on all 34 counts.

The full sentence will be announced by the court on July 11. Trump faces a fine and several years in prison, which could be suspended.