Affair with Prince William? Rose Hanbury speaks out about rumors

There have been affair rumors surrounding Rose Hanbury and Prince William for several years. Now Hanbury has taken a stand. Most recently, US talk show host Stephen Colbert caused a stir with a sketch about the two.

This US television report hit like a bomb. Of all people, Stephen Colbert, who is known for his sharp-tongued jokes at the expense of Donald Trump, took aim at British high society and the royals. Shortly after Kensington Palace published a manipulated photo of Princess Kate and the three children, Colbert addressed a rumor on his show that has been floating around in the (British) press off and on since 2019.

Rose Hanbury weighs in on William rumors

“The kingdom is abuzz over the apparent disappearance of Kate Middleton,” Colbert said. “Now Internet sleuths suspect that Kate's absence could be related to an affair between her husband and the future King of England, William,” said the talk show host. Specifically, Colbert's contribution was about Rose Hanbury, the Margravine of Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumley).

Rumors about her and Prince William have been going on since 2019. William already rejected them, and now Hanbury himself has denied the reports. According to Business Insider, her lawyer said they were “completely wrong.”

Who is she?

Rose Hanbury is 39, was a model in the same agency as Kate Moss and is now married to David Cholmondeley, also known as David Rocksavage. “Really? Rocksavage? That sounds less like a British aristocrat than a musician from The Flintstones,” Colbert joked on his show. The 63-year-old Rocksavage is not a musician from the Flintstones, but a director and actor and was also a model. Rocksavage is one of the richest aristocrats in the country. His title, Marquess, is the fourth most important noble title in Britain. The only ones ahead of him in rank are King/Queen, Prince/Princess and Duke/Duchess. At the coronation of King Charles III. Last year the couple's son, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley, was one of Charles' honorary pages. He was one of the group of boys who wore the king's robe.

Sources: Late Show with Stephen Colbert / “Business Insider”

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