Add a touch of joy to the International Day of Happiness

MIAMI.- The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) decreed in 2012 that the International Day of Happiness would be celebrated every March 20. to recognize the relevance of citizens having a state of satisfaction as a universal aspiration under the premise of their inclusion in public policies so that there is true equity and collective well-being.

This is largely achieved through the efforts of people who, gathered as a group, can generate ideas to achieve that supreme objective, which is generally accompanied by a “let’s have a coffee and talk”.

From Tu Oportunidad we show you these cups to drink coffee or any other drink, available on Amazonas a reminder that your gift can be the message for the beginning of something socially good accompanied by knowledge, community projects or simply shared laughter.

A Bruntmor with an inspiring design

This Bruntmor is a set of 6 large coffee cups to enjoy a group gathering at home or the office.. It is an excellent gift for the Day of Happiness, because who doesn’t feel happy with something associated with coffee, the favorite drink of many and also with an indisputable detail: it lasts over time and becomes the perfect excuse to meet at any time. moment.

Make your favorite drinks always taste special when you use these ceramic mug sets, it is one of the outstanding features in the product. They have an inspiring design and are perfect for any occasion.


Double Espresso

The Vvxliv is a set of 6 coffee cups with porcelain holder double Espresso. It has an ideal size and keeps your coffee hot for longer due to the material it is made of.

Pause! Don’t make life too urgent, you need to relax. Life requires us to experience new things and coffee time is essential whether it is to talk about anything or a project for the benefit of your loved ones, both in the office and at home.

It is even more important to choose a relaxed and happy time in the morning or afternoon. Enjoy your relaxation time with Vvxilv high-quality coffee cups and plates, giving you an excellent experience. It is a reference shared by many clients. The soft glaze effect makes it easier to clean. Even if you use dark espresso it will not leave stains.


A stain-resistant Bene Casa

Bene Casa brand offers a 9-piece ceramic espresso set including metal stand – 4 espresso cups (3 ounces) and 4 saucers – Stain resistant enamel.

Its beautiful design makes drinking coffee the most satisfying and is perfect for enjoying your favorite coffee with lots of foam, while sharing it with your family and friends. A good time to reflect and support a collective social cause for the people. With this presentation, “let’s have a coffee” goes to another level.


A coffee for the office

The TRSPCWR presents the set of 6 espresso cups so that coffee time in the office is done in an elegant waywithout this meaning that the house is not also an appropriate place.

It is made of premium materials through China’s special technology. Single shape design, elegant white color and good capacity are perfect for coffee and tea. The cups will give a pleasant experience to taste your favorite drink. Once you use it, you save it for the next opportunity, which will surely be in a few hours or less.


A great DeeCoo for ideas

The DeeCoo is a Set of 4, large ceramic coffee mugs perfect for those moments when you need to talk about a work project or some community plan. It is ideal for black coffee, latte, cappuccino, tea or chocolate.

This large coffee mug can also be used to serve ice cream and salads, making it very versatile, practically making it a “three in one.”

Made from high-fired ceramic, this mug has a creative and fun design. It is an ideal gift for friends and family. With this gift for the office you can generate a lot of happiness.